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Monday, October 15, 2018

Free Download GTA San Andreas Thor infinity war Mod for PC

Free Download Thor infinity war for GTA San Andreas without any Problem. if you can not install this mod so Pleases Watch My Video for installing this Mod.

Download GTA San Andreas Thor infinity war Mod


Cheat 'THORIWON' to become Thor.


  • [LMB] = Regular Attack (High damage)
  • Locked on target + [LMB] = Heavy Attack (Higher damage, To weaken strong enemies that have immunities.)
  • [CAPSLOCK] + [R] = Area Damage (Useful if surrounded by enemies)
  • [YOUR JUMP KEY] = jump (The longer you hold the higher the jump)
  • While in Air + [LMB] = Air Attack (Useful against helis)
  • While in Air + Hold [LMB] = Air Attack Combo
  • HIGH jump + [Z] = "Bring me Thanos!" ???
  • [RMB] + [R] = To Throw Stormbreaker. [W][A][S][D]= to control Stormbreaker, It can reach infinite distance. Look at the map to see the Stormbreaker's current location)
  • [RMB] + [R](again) = For Stormbreaker to return. (If it's too far, you'll just have to wait and it will come back.)
  • [SHIFT] + [C] = To Fly (Stormbreaker must be the current weapon.)
  • While Flying + [YOUR SPRINT KEY] = Increase flying speed.
  • While Flying + [YOUR JUMP KEY] = Decrease flying speed. (If to slow you'll stop flying.)
  • While Flying + [LMB] = To Activate Combat flight (To inflict damage while flying, effective against planes, helis, other flying objects...)
  • [SHIFT] = To deactivate Combat Flight
  • While Flying + [F] = Stop Flying

WITHOUT WEAPON/OTHER CONTROLS, Same controls as "Thor Ragnarok Mod

[LMB] = Thor's Normal Attack (must be in Fist, During Running Attack and 3rd punch)
[CAPSLOCK] + [R] = Ground Punch (without weapon)
[CAPSLOCK] + [1] = Thunderstruck (without weapon)
[CAPSLOCK] + [2] = Bolt (without weapon)
[X] - Thunder Drop (Press and hold while Falling)
[YOUR JUMP KEY] = Glide (Press while Falling)
[3] = Thunder Strike (thunderstrike peds around you)
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