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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Download GTA V Mobile Interactive Mod for GTA San Andreas PC

Download GTA V Mobile Interactive Mod for GTA San Andreas PC

- you'll be able to decision friends for a drink or decision them to facilitate.
- helpful to be used in transport, you wish to carry for five seconds to open it whereas driving!
- The convenient player with shuffle, repeat. Supports up to a hundred tracks within the list, switch tracks themselves. once you shut down the radio music.
- Setting the time and temperature system, supported the time of year, day, and climatical knowledge cities and real places. completely different pictures for day and night.
- Front camera with the night-sight result, thermal, as within the automobile and on foot.
- once a decision, the name, and author of the exposure seems on the decision is displayed.
- Purchase and delivery of RC models and different transportation (car, motorcycle, boat, and air transport), through a browser.
- on-line banking to stay the cash and look online.
- the risk to book a taxi. If you're unnoticed on the map wherever to travel, the taxi driver can take you to your house in Grove Street.
- you'll be able to additionally decision a wrecker, doctors, and shielded.
- Annex "Coordinates" displays the present and most speed, location, distance traveled.
- Ability to put together all the in file keys, all texture coordinates within the file ( you will edit)
- Support for a widescreen/sound, English
- most settings except the keys will be modified within the "Settings" application
- three default themes, three ringtones (GTA V Retired)
- Disable clock and calendar widgets.

p:                             to show phone 
left right arrow: to use the move on the screen
p:                             to scroll down 
n:                            to close the phone
shift:                      to select
enter:                    to select
backspace:          to go back 
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  1. add new contacts and more vehicles to buy plz bro
    and also add where to deliver the vehicle

  2. I like your mods very much
    please make more mods for gta san like gta 5 cars

  3. wow super mod i like it but please make more mods of gta san

  4. How to change the language of mod from Russian to English


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