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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Download GTA V Thor Mod For PC

Free Download GTA V Thor Mod For PC  Without Any Problem.
If You Can Not install This Mod So Please Watch full Video on My YouTube Channel. Then You Will Download And install This Mod.


Menu Toggle = F10
Pick Up Vehicles = E
Instant Buff = R
Aim = Right Mouse Button
Attack = Left Mouse Button
Hover = C
Hover - Increase/Decrease Altitude = Ctrl + W or S
Fly = Shift + Spacebar
Increase Speed = Shift
Decrease Speed = S
Arial Melee = Left Mouse Button
Airdash = Hold any direction and press Jump while in the air.
Double jump = Press Jump while in the air without holding any direction.
Combat Rolls = Right Mouse Button + Direction + Spacebar
Move Select = T
Storm Of Asgard = Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button (Hold LMB for more charge, and/or RMB for slow motion)
God Blast = Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button
Lightning Strike = Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button
Mjolnir Throw = Right Mouse Button + X
Call Back Mjolnir (Hold) = R
Bifrost Teleport = Right Mouse Button + R
Quick Teleport = Q
Odin Force = R while charging when meeting the correct requirements.
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