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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Download Flash Mod for GTA San Andreas PC

Download Flash Mod GTA San Andreas PC


Action + Next Weapon or Previous weapon (default Tab + E or Q): change skin
F5: Toggle On/Off Power Level Control
F6: Show power bar
F7: Toggle on/off for Super Speed (press + to increase speed and - for decrease)
F8: Super Jump (no need to)
press Y or N: toggle on/off Walk on water
Tab: bullet time
To do wall-run: press W + Jump to the wall and hold
You can hold X:  to run faster without SuperSpeed ability (F7)

Other Control:

F9: Flying Jump
F10: Fly
F11: Super Strength
F12: Heatvision

GTA Chinatown camera:

F4 to turn ON/OFF

You can run around and make a tornado, turn on this camera then run to the left or right (for more faster - hold x)

NOTICE: Please try this mod on clean GTA SA (no mod installed before)
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