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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Free Download Hulk Mod For GTA 4 With installation Video

Hulk Mod For GTA 4:
  1. Insert or H - Activate/Deactivate (or show the mod menu)
  2. Middle mouse button - Grab/lift peds, dumpsters, vehicles, lamp poles, and rockets (hold for rockets)
  3. Left mouse button - Attack with punches, throw grabbed/lifted things, attack with a lamp pole
  4. E - Hold to charge the Thunderclap attack, release to perform the attack
  5. R - Hold to charge the Punch ground attack, release to perform the attack
  6. Hold space for a while to perform the Big jump, you can do this running too
  7. While falling from Big Jump hold Left mouse button to perform the Big Jump fall attack
  8. You can hold space when getting close to the ground to perform the big jump again with more forward speed
  9. Right mouse button - Set targets, use the Left mouse button to attack/jump to the target
  10. When grabbing or lifting something hold left mouse button to increase the Throw force
  11. With grabbed ped, if you reach more than 70 of Rage you will perform a "ped smash" attack ( kinda Hulk vs. Loki in Avengers movie :) )
  12. When falling and facing a wall you will grab the wall if the forward key is down ( commonly W )
  13. Hold W to keep grabbed to the wall, press Space to jump to a position above or press Left mouse button to climb the wall

This script will give to the player some HULK powers:
  1. Super melee attacks
  2. Thunderclap
  3. Punch ground attack
  4. Grab and throw (or smash on the ground) peds, it's not precise yet, the grab fails more than work :(
  5. Grab lamp pole and use as a baseball bat
  6. Lift vehicles or dumpster and throw them
  7. Big jump attack
  8. A direct attack against targets
  9. Big jump to reach the top of buildings or cover big distances
  10. Grab launched rockets and throw them
  11. Wall climb
  12. Extra speed when running/swimming fast
  13. And maybe something that I'm forgetting now 

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  1. please make a video for max payne mod for gta 4

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