Download Escort Mod for GTA San Andreas PC

An escort vehicle, also called a pilot vehicle in most areas, is an automobile wont to escort[further explanation needed] trucks with large loads, convoys of huge vehicles, guide motorists through construction sites, and assist aircraft in taxiing from the runway to the tarmac at many airports. In most instances, pilot vehicles are provided by companies that concentrate on convoy escort, although escort duties are occasionally performed by police vehicles (especially for parades and funeral processions or shipments that need a high level of security during transit). Some escort companies have special authority for control through state approval.


When in a car, Press  9  Than a black Admiral and a black Huntley with security agents will follow you. Press  9  again, and the escort stops.
Bugs: When you get out of your car, only the agent in your car will get out of the car and assist you. When going back in the car, wait till the agent is close enough to the car, otherwise the game will crash. When a car has stopped following you, drive back, than he will follow you again. When an agent is killed, game crashes.

Bug fixes in next version: - Crash fixes, - Better following of the cars.

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Download Escort Mod for GTA San Andreas PC
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  1. nice but you should add driver

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