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Friday, August 6, 2021

GTA San Andreas: New Real 2021 graphics modPack for low-end PCs

GTA San Andreas: Best New Real 2021 graphics modPack for low-end PCs

Today I will tell you how to install graphics modpack in GTA San Andreas PC. As you can see so we do not waste our time and lets start that how to do that. So guys first of all go down and there you will found a buttons for downloading. After downloading go to desktop screen, and open the path where you have downloaded it. Right Click On downloaded file and extract it. After extracting it open the folder and copy all the files Then Paste in GTA SA Root Folder. Now Your Mod is Successfully installed, Open You GTA SA Game and enjoy graphics modpack in GTA SA.


  • Different helmets for different Bikes;
  • It fits well into the atmosphere of the game.
  • 1080p Resolution Fix
  • Real HD Roads
  • Real ENB Graphics
  • GTA V Hug
  • Real Weapons Pack
  • HD And Real Cars Pack
  • Real SFX
  • Guns Menu.
  • Cheat Menu Mod
  • Vehicle Spawner Premium Menu Mod
  • Auto Driver Mod
  • Open/Close All The Doors including Bonnet And Boot
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Car GPS Tracker
How to using Features of this GTA San Andreas: New Real 2021 graphics modPack for low-end PCs

  • First, put the red marker on the map. (Press ESC and you'll get to the main menu, and from there go to the map).
  • After the token is already in the game press the Y and X in order to teleport to the marked
  • position.

Vehicle Spawner Premium Menu Mod
  • Press the 7 Button and the menu appears with a selection of machines. All machines are sorted alphabetically. There is an opportunity to put the player right in the driver's seat.

Guns Menu.
  • Type GUNS To Open Menu. 

Cheat Menu Mod
  • Press Ctrl + C To open Cheat Menu
  • If You Want to Select Any Option Then Press Spec Button
  • Press Enter Button To Go Back

Some Features Using Keys
  • Press U to Open/close left front door
  • Press I to Open/close right front door
  • Press J to Open/close left rear door
  • Press K to Open/close right rear door
  • Press 8 to Open/close bonnet
  • Press M to Open/close boot
  • Press O to Open/close all the doors including bonnet and boot (without flashing and sound)
  • Press P to Turn on engine
  • Press L to Turn off engine
  • Press 0 to (inside a car) - Lock/unlock doors
  • Press 7 to Turn on lights
  • Press 9 to Turn off lights
  • Press Z to Activate Auto-Driver (Readme included)
  • Press N to Update Auto-Driver location
  • Press 0 to (on foot) - Enable/disable central locking (with flashing and sound)
  • Press , to Turn on/off hydraulics
  • Press . or right mouse button - Turbo (to be activated by hitting fire)
  • Press N on Foot to change Gun

Using Auto Driver Mod
  • Press Z to Activate Auto-Driver (Readme included)
  • Press N to Update Auto-Driver location

Also Will show you the path to the destination on the radar and on the map in the menu. Is activated, if a check mark appears on the radar and you are in the vehicle.

So here you will enjoy GTA San Andreas New Real 2021 graphics Mod-Pack for low-end PCs, We found a lot of comments of our supporters who want this and we made it ready for you. So friends thanks for support keep it more and enjoy the GTA SA game more. We are always available. Also You Can Download More Best Mods For GTA SA, GTA VC, GTA IV, GTA V From our website. Click Here And enjoy Thank you.

Download Here
Mod File Name: GTA SA Real HD Graphics Mod 2021 By Hindi Urdu Gaming.rar
Mod For GTA: SA

How to Download
Choose one Button below For Downloading This Mod You Can Download From tow Sarver Mediafire And Google Drive if You are facing any problem in downloading so Click Here to learn.

Look Here!

If You Want to Download This Mod Here are Tow Servers, For Google Drive Click Here For Media Fire Click Here I Hope You Understand How You Can Get File From Here (Thank You).

Look Here!
For downloading click on below button. I Hope You Understand How You Can Get Mod File.
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